At Windsor Care we allow the people to be involved

and take a lead in planning and the delivery of their care.

Our Philosophy of Care

We provide therapeutic and socially inclusive programs in accordance to the multidisciplinary team assessments and formulations. We allow people to be involved and take a lead in planning and the delivery of their care. Our treatment model embraces the principles of rehabilitation, person centred treatment and recovery, underpinned by social inclusion and robust positive risk management. We also believe in collaborative team working with people, their families/ carers, stake holders including commissioners of the service, and the staff where the person’s needs are at the heart of our care planning.

All treatments are evidence based and our staff engage in specialist mental health rehabilitation training where emphasis is on attaining personal best for people. Where possible we will encourage people to learn new skills that they deem essential for a successful transition to the community, these may be in the form of skills to obtain employment, volunteering opportunities, involvement in community projects etc.

Our team will invest in relapse prevention work with people in preparation for discharge into the community to enable them to have greater control of their symptoms and treatment.

We believe that a placement within our hospital should last only as long as the person needs that level of care. Hence, the emphasis on recovery and social inclusion. Our average length of stay is expected to be between 12 to 24 months before the persons step down into community a setting either living independently with minimal input or support from the community mental health teams or supported living environment.